Best Crystal Gifts for Mums

Gifting crystals is one of the most special ways to share your love of crystals, and who better to share with than your Mum! Even if your Mum isn’t into crystals, they still make a beautiful, thoughtful gift (and you never know, she might end up loving them as much as you).

You don’t have to spend a fortune, choose a crystal that has meaning for both you and your Mum. One of my favourite crystal gifts ever is an Amethyst and Clear Quartz tumble that my son gave to me when he was little. They came from his own collection, which I’d given him in the first place lol, however those 2 tumbles that he picked out for me are treasured. As they say, it's the thought that counts!

For those that are unable to be with their Mum on special days like birthdays, anniversaries or Mother’s Day, think about creating a special space with one of your Mum’s favourite flowers. Choose a crystal that means a lot to you and place it in with the flower … This may help you to feel a little bit closer to your Mum.

Our top 5 crystals for Mums

Rose Quartz crystals for Mums

Rose Quartz crystals for Mums
Nothing says “I love you” as much as Rose Quartz! Known as the Stone of Love, Rose Quartz is a lovely calming crystal that will remind your Mum how much you love her, every time she sees it. Rose Quartz’s gentle energy enhances love, compassion and kindness - something that we all need in our life.

Amethyst crystals for Mums 

Amethyst crystals for Mums
is one crystal that everyone seems to love, it is such a pretty colour and it’s energy is so soothing and relaxing. It is also one of the most popular crystals to work with for a better night's sleep as it’s a natural stress reliever and it calms the mind. Gifting your Mum an Amethyst cluster or geode is sure to be a big hit!

Ruby crystals for Mums

Ruby crystals for Mums

Ruby is a heart chakra crystal, it’s associated with love, health and abundance, perfect for giving to your Mum. In Judy Hall's book titled Crystal Companion she describes Ruby as a crystal to 'follow your bliss, promoting positive dreams and clear visualisation'. Ruby is often found with other crystals such as Zoisite, Fuchsite and Kyanite.

Ruby in Zoisite helps the heart and third eye chakras to work together so both the heart and the mind are happy. Ruby and Fuchsite enhances courage, strength and nourishing love, it balances the base and heart chakras. Meanwhile Ruby in Kyanite works with the heart and throat chakras helping with self-awareness and confidence, whilst being calming and grounding at the same time.

Rainbow Fluorite crystals for Mums

Rainbow Fluorite crystals for Mums

Rainbow Fluorite is a stunning crystal to look at ... It’s also a very protective stone which is known for improving concentration and focus. Fluorite enhances decision making, being able to think clearly as well as see the bigger picture. Gifting Fluorite crystals to your Mum can help her flourish if she is super busy and has hundreds of things on her mind.

Moonstone crystals for Mums

Moonstone crystals for Mums

Moonstone is a great crystal for women regardless of whether we are young, old, or in-between. The calm, nurturing energy of Moonstone balances emotions and hormones, plus it amplifies intuition. Giving your Mum a Moonstone crystal will help her connect with this beautiful energy.

Our top 10 crystal gift ideas for Mums

Crystal gifts for Mums

There are so many options when it comes gifting crystals such as:

  • Crystal candles that will make her home smell gorgeous, whilst also sending out beautiful energy.
  • Palm stones and crystal tumbles that your Mum can carry in her handbag, pocket or bra.
  • Crystal tealight holders which can also double up as planters for succulents or cacti.
  • Carved crystal hearts or spheres which are lovely for her to hold.
  • Crystal suncatchers to bring rainbows into her home.
  • Bracelets, malas, pendants or other crystal jewellery for your Mum to keep close and wear.
  • Raw crystals or polished free forms that you feel particularly connected to. There is a good chance that your Mum will feel a similar connection, and if not, she will love it because you have given it to her. You could also choose a crystal in her favourite colour!
  • Crystal healing kits which are predesigned for various healing needs. Here at Crystals Rock, we will intuitively handpick the crystal healing kit that you choose for your Mum - we don’t mass produce our crystal kits.
  • Gem water bottles that will help your Mum stay hydrated whilst, also incorporating crystal healing into her daily life.
  • Crystal homewares that your Mum can use to decorate her home such as wind chimes, geodes, coasters or bookends.

Whatever you choose to gift your Mum, it will be a gift from the heart that she will surely love. If you need further inspiration for crystal gifts, take a look at our Crystal Gifts for Her collection.

PS If you’re a Mum in need of crystals send this blog to your kids / significant other to give them the hint!

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