Creating a Crystal Grid Blog

Creating a Crystal Grid Blog

Creating a Crystal Grid

Creating your first crystal grid can be a little confusing however the most important thing to remember is there is no right or wrong way to create a crystal grid. Whether you would like to follow a grid prescription or create your grid as you go, we will show you how easy (and fun!) they are to set up.

Intention Statement

The first thing to do is set your intention … what would you like to manifest? What is the purpose of your grid? Are you wishing to attract prosperity into your life? Are you seeking happy and harmonious relationships? Good health? Whatever your intention is, write it down on a piece of paper. This is your intention statement.

Selecting your Crystals

Select which crystals you would like to use in your grid, starting with the focus crystal. This is the crystal that is placed in the middle of the grid and represents your intention, setting the theme. For example, if you are creating a crystal grid to attract love into your life you could choose one of the heart chakra crystals such as Rose Quartz.

Next choose additional crystals that resonate with the theme of your crystal grid eg other heart chakra crystals such as Emerald … choose crystals that you feel really drawn to. You will also need some Clear Quartz grid points. Ensure that all of your chosen crystals have been cleansed. As mentioned earlier, there is no right or wrong way to create your grid so if it feels right to you, then it is right.

What Grid Shape Should you Use?

There are lots of different grid shapes you can choose to use such as Seed of Life, Spiral, Circle, Flower of Life or Metatron's Cube (shown below). You can draw these yourself or search for free grid patterns that you can print out. You can also buy grid cloths and grid boards with pre-printed patterns on them. If you are following a grid prescription then you will be shown which grid shape to use.

Putting your Crystal Grid Together

Place your grid shape in an area that won't be disturbed or bumped into (and away from little fingers and paws!). Next put your focus crystal in the middle of your grid shape and place your intention statement underneath the focus crystal. Whilst you are doing this, repeat to yourself your intention statement. Keep repeating it whilst you lay out all your crystals.

Next you need to lay out the additional crystals you selected. If you are using the Seed of Life shape then these crystals go where the lines cross over each other. Once these are in place, add the Clear Quartz grid points between all the crystals, with the points facing your focus crystal. This is to amplify their energy.

Activating your Crystal Grid

With a Clear Quartz wand (or point) draw an imaginary line between all the crystals so that you are connecting them to each other. Start with your focus crystal and move methodically in a clockwise direction to the outer layer of crystals, returning to the focus crystal each time. Repeat your intention statement whilst connecting your crystals. Once all your crystals are connected take time out each day to sit quietly and/or meditate next to your crystal grid.

If your crystal grid is disturbed (by little fingers or paws!) all you need to do is reactivate your grid with your Clear Quartz Wand or point.

What Next?

You can leave your crystal grid in place for as long as you wish, however once you are finished with it, simply dismantle it and cleanse your crystals ready for next time.

Suggested Reading

If you are keen to learn more about crystal grids we highly recommend The Book of Crystal Grids by Philip Permutt as this book has 50 crystal grid prescriptions for you to follow and has patterns that you can copy in the back of the book. Philip Permutt explains everything you need to know about creating crystal grids.

Another great book is Crystals for Energy Healing by Ashley Leavy as it has a chapter on crystal grids. Ashley Leavy's book was the first book we used to create crystal grids and it was so easy to follow. In fact, it was Ashley Leavy that recommended Philip Permutt's book during one of her podcasts (which is another great way to learn more about crystals!).

 Ashley Leavy's book Crystals for Energy Healing

We hope you have loads of fun creating crystal grids and that you love the energy that you create with them. Happy playing!

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