How to make a crystal elixir using the indirect method

It is recommended that crystal elixirs are created using the indirect method. This is much safer than placing crystals directly into your drinking water. Crystals may be toxic or they may be coated in chemicals that you unwittingly end up drinking. Crystals are often treated with chemicals at the mines and there is always the chance of dirt particles being wedged inside little crevices. Even non-toxic crystals such as Rose Quartz could make you ill ...

How to make an indirect crystal elixir

To make an indirect elixir you will need 2 glass containers such as a glass bowl and a glass cup (which your water will go in). The glass cup will need to be able to sit inside the glass bowl. Your water should be still water … tap water or clean rain water are perfect. You can also switch this around so that the smaller glass cup holds the crystals and the water goes into the larger glass bowl.

Next you will need to cleanse and charge your crystals. You also need to set your intention for the elixir. If you are not sure how to cleanse or charge your crystals check out our blog Mineral, Rock, Crystal or What? A Crystal Guide for Beginners.

Once this is done position your glass cup (with the water in it) into the middle of the glass bowl. Gently place your chosen crystals around the glass cup and let it sit for 24 hours. Make sure your water does not come into contact with your crystals.

You can place your elixir on the kitchen bench, in the fridge or under the moonlight - do whatever feels best for you. Make sure your water is covered with gladwrap or a lid to stop bugs and bacteria getting into the water.

The vibration of your crystals will pass through the glass and into the water. This is why glass is used instead of metal or plastic. After 24 hours your crystal elixir will be ready!

Alternatively you can use a glass crystal elixir bottle (similar to the picture below) as these have a separate chamber to put your crystals in. Your crystals don't come into contact with the water, therefore it's safe.

Always refer to the website to check the chemical component of your crystals – it’s best to make sure they aren’t toxic! In addition, some crystals are radioactive and these should never be used in any elixir at all – even the non-direct method is unsafe. If in doubt, do not create the elixir!


Creating a crystal elixir using the indirect method


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