Where did crystal properties come from?

So ... Where did all the crystal properties come from?

Healers, shamans, druids, witches and wise ones

Have you ever wondered how all the crystal properties came about? How did people come up with these different crystal meanings?

Crystal properties, or their meanings, have been developed over many generations. Healers, shamans, druids, witches and wise ones, to name just a few, have recorded and shared their experiences through their work and healings.

Over many life times, our ancestors embraced their connection with nature and with the energy around them. This included crystals. They were sensitive to the energies and through trial and error, the properties of crystals were built into the foundational guide we have today.

Colour energy

Where did all the crystal meanings come from

Colour energy also plays a role in the properties of crystals and why we may be drawn to a certain type of crystal. It could be that you’re finding it different to voice your thoughts and are drawn to blue crystals. Blue crystals relate to the Throat Chakra and these can help you to energetically clear any blockages.

Another example of colour influencing crystals is with Amethyst. When Amethyst is baked at a high temperature it’s colour changes from purple to yellow/orange. In doing this, it then takes on the properties of Citrine.

Colour can also influence crystals when you create a crystal grid. Using a coloured base can set the overall intention of your grid. For example, if the intention of the grid is to find love you could use a green or pink coloured base. If your intention is to heal the Base Chakra you could use a red cloth, or even a beautiful piece of wood.

Trust your own intuition

Where did all the crystal meanings come from

It is important to realise that these foundations, or principles, are only a guide. Everyone feels energy differently and it’s important to always trust your own intuition or “feeling” when working with your crystal.

If you feel a crystal call out to you, don’t question why, just go with it. Trust that this crystal is meant to be with you at this time. Listen carefully to what your intuition is saying, trust that you know what is best for you.

There is no wrong or right way or feeling. Every crystal is as unique as we are!

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Crystal Properties: Where Did They Come From? by Crystals Rock Australia and Dors McPhillamy of Your Mystic Connection

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