Crystals for new beginnings, crystals for a fresh start

Crystals for new beginnings, crystals for a fresh start

New beginnings can be a little daunting so lets explore which crystals you could use to create a life you love!


Chrysocolla is said to be a crystal for starting fresh, making it the perfect crystal to sit and envisage your future. This tranquil crystal will help you to clearly express your thoughts and ideas. Reflecting on what you would like in your life, as well as what no longer serves you, is the first step to manifest change.


Amazonite encourages personal growth and helps you to be courageous. It also eases fear and stress that can arise when you are experiencing change. Amazonite instils hope and can help you to think positively.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is the perfect crystal for personal growth. It has a very nurturing energy and can help you to trust your intuition. Rainbow Moonstone will also keep you heading in your chosen direction.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is one of the best crystals to use for grounding and anchoring. Staying grounded is very important when you are making changes to your life. Smokey Quartz will help you to let go of the past, releasing past baggage and making room for better things in your life.


Citrine is a happy crystal and a favourite of many ... Citrine can be used to manifest dreams and success, as well as attract prosperity, wealth and abundance. This is the perfect crystal to work with when creating the life you've been wishing for!

Using crystals to manifest change

Once you have selected your crystals to work with you could manifest change by creating a crystal grid.

The first step of a crystal grid is to write down your intention on a piece of paper. Next choose a crystal that is strongly aligned with your intention and place this in the centre of your grid. This is called your focus stone. Continue creating your crystal grid by placing other crystals around your focus stone. You could add Clear Quartz to amplify the energy of the other crystals. Use your intuition with this, there is no right or wrong way to create a grid. Repeat out loud the intention of the grid whilst you are creating it. Once you have finished, hold your hands over the grid to connect with its energy. Lastly, gently blow air onto the grid and say thank you 3 times.

An alternate way to manifest change is to sit still with your crystals whilst meditating. State your intentions out loud 3 times whilst holding your crystals. Finish by saying thank you 3 times.

Crystals for new beginnings, crystals for a fresh start

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