Crystal Blog - Easter: A Pagan Tradition

Crystal Blog - Easter: A Pagan Tradition

Easter: A Pagan Tradition

Many of today's Christian celebrations such as Easter hail from Pagan traditions, with the word Easter deriving its name from the goddess of Spring, Ostara or Eostre.

In the Northern Hemisphere the Spring Equinox was a time for celebrating the return of the sun God after a long cold winter. This spring festival celebrated fertility and rebirth as trees and flowers started to come to life again. The Equinox was also a very auspicious time as twice a year light and dark, or day and night, were in true balance.

Pagans worshipped the sun, the moon and all things related to nature. Later on, the church incorporated many Pagan customs into their own celebrations as a way of converting Pagans to Christianity.

Crystal Blog - Easter: A Pagan Tradition

The tradition of decorating eggs at Easter time began during the Middle Ages and by the 18th century Easter egg hunts became a fun custom. Eggs continued to represent fertility and rebirth as taught by the ancient Pagans.

Crystal shaped eggs represent fertility, birth, creativity and new beginnings. They have a lovely gentle energy and are the perfect shape to hold whilst meditating. In addition, they are often used by practitioners of acupressure, reflexology and massage as either end of the egg can be used to target problem areas.

Crystal Blog - Easter: A Pagan Tradition

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