How to Create Crystal Gem Water

Gem water, also known as crystal infused water or crystal elixir, is a great way to incorporate crystal healing into your everyday life. It is believed that water adopts the crystal's energetic vibration, and by drinking the water, you are directly receiving the healing energy. There are two main ways to prepare gem water, you can either:

  • Place crystals directly into water (this is called the direct method); or
  • Use the indirect method, which involves crystals and water being placed into separate glass containers.

Always refer to the website to check the chemical component of your crystals – it’s best to make sure they aren’t toxic crystals! In addition, some crystals are radioactive and these should never be used in any elixir at all – even the indirect method is unsafe. If in doubt, do not create the elixir.

Preparing gem water using the direct method

 Creating crystal elixir or gem water

It is recommended that gem water is created using the indirect method, rather than the direct method. The indirect method is much safer than placing crystals directly into your drinking water.

Some crystals are toxic, or they may be coated in chemicals that you unwittingly end up drinking. Crystals are often treated with chemicals at the mines and there is always the chance of dirt particles being wedged inside little crevices. Even non-toxic crystals such as Rose Quartz could make you ill, plus the crystals could be a choking hazard.

If you do wish to make gem water using the direct method, you need to make sure your crystals are not toxic, that they are safe to be placed directly in water, and that you are using tumbled crystals.

Start by thoroughly washing your crystals, making sure that you remove any hidden dirt or bacteria, then energetically cleanse them. You also need to set your intention for the gem water. Once you have done this, place your crystals in the water and cover the glass container with a lid. If you are not sure how to cleanse or charge your crystals take a look at our crystal guide for beginners.

Preparing gem water using the indirect method

Creating crystal elixir or gem water

To make gem water using the indirect method, you will need 2 glass containers such as a large glass bowl (which will contain the water) and a smaller glass jar or cup (which your crystals will go in). The smaller glass jar will need to be able to sit inside the larger glass bowl. Your water should be still water … tap water or clean rain water are perfect.

Next you will need to cleanse and charge your crystals. You also need to set your intention for the gem water. If you are not sure how to cleanse or charge your crystals take a look at our crystal guide for beginners.

Once you have cleansed your crystals, place them gently into the smaller glass jar and then position this jar in the middle of the larger glass bowl. Gently pour water into the larger glass bowl, making sure your water does not come into contact with your crystal tumble stones. The vibration of your crystals will pass through the glass and into the water. This is why glass is used instead of metal or plastic.

Alternate ways to prepare gem water using the indirect method

Creating crystal elixir or gem water safely

There are other ways you can easily prepare gem water without your crystals coming into contact with water. These are:

  • Glass crystal elixir bottles as these have a separate chamber to put your crystals in. Your crystals don't come into contact with the water, therefore it's safe; or
  • Glass test tubes are safe as long as the crystals don't come into contact with the water.

Final preparation of your gem water

How to Create Gem Water (Crystal Infused Water / Crystal Elixirs)

You can place your gem water on the kitchen bench, in the fridge or under moonlight or sunlight - do whatever feels best for you. Make sure your gem water is covered with plastic wrap or a lid to stop bugs and bacteria getting into the gem water. For best results leave your gem water sitting for 24 hours. You will need to drink your gem water within 48 hours of preparing it, as it doesn't contain any preservatives.

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