What is a super blue blood moon?

The saying 'once in a blue moon' literally refers to the rare occasions that we have two full moons in the same month - which is not very often.

A blue moon is considered to bring good fortune so this might be the ideal time to put your crystals and gemstones out under the full moon to soak up all that energy. Don't forget to be careful with some of your crystals in case it rains, Selenite for example will dissolve if it gets wet!

Back in January 2018 we were treated to the very rare occurrence of a super blue blood moon which hadn't appeared in Australian skies since 1982, and for the rest of the Western Hemisphere, since March 1866 - more than 150 years ago!

Not everyone was able to see this super blue blood moon due to overcast skies. If you missed out, unfortunately we have to wait until 2037 until we get to see this again.

What is a super blue blood moon?

This phenomenon occurs when you get two full moons in the one month, this is what is called the blue moon.

Next when the moon is as close as it gets to Earth, so looks larger and brighter than normal, this is what is called the super moon.

Finally, when the moon eclipses when it moves into the Earth's shadow, this is what is known as the blood moon!

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