Rose Quartz Crystals for Love

Known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz is a very calming and reassuring crystal that promotes unconditional love for our friends and family. More importantly, Rose Quartz guides us to find love for ourselves … something that is vital before we are properly able to give love to others. Have you heard of the saying 'fill your own cup first'? Rose Quartz loves to help us with this.

Metaphysical properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Crystal Grid

Rose Quartz brings deep emotional healing so that we can be the best version of ourselves possible. Rose Quartz teaches us that we don't need to be a doormat and do everything for everyone, we don't need to sacrifice our needs for others. Our needs are allowed to come first and we deserve to be loved for just being us.

Use Rose Quartz crystals to energetically heal depression, anxiety, anger, grief and other similar emotions. It is a kind, loving and gentle stone. New mothers who have had a complicated birth or are suffering from post natal depression should keep Rose Quartz close by. The easiest way to do this is by putting a tumble stone in your pillow case or in your pocket or bra so that it is near your heart.

Rose Quartz is also a go-to crystal for those that suffer with low self-esteem and are always doubting their abilities. Work with Rose Quartz to develop love and compassion for yourself, to believe in your abilities and to not give yourself such a hard time.

Anyone that is in a new relationship can use Rose Quartz to help that relationship grow and evolve. Cassandra Eason's crystal book 'Crystals' has such a lovely ritual to perform to bring love closer: 'Rose Quartz is the crystal of reconciliation. Cast a tiny one in flowing water at sunset and speak words you would like to say.'

Feng Shui practitioners believe placing a piece of Rose Quartz crystal by your bed, or in the relationship corner of your house, draws love towards you. You could place a pair of Rose Quartz crystal mandarin ducks in your relationship corner, with the ducks being a symbol of happiness in love.

Rose Quartz folklore and history

 History of Rose Quartz Crystals

Ancient Egyptians used Rose Quartz to maintain youth and beauty, they thought Rose Quartz would keep the wrinkles at bay. In fact face masks made of Rose Quartz have been discovered in the tombs of ancient Egypt.

Other ancient uses of Rose Quartz crystals have been discovered, with Rose Quartz beads found in the Mesopotamia area (Iraq) dating back to 7000 BC and jewellery designed by the Assyrians thought to be from around 800-600 BC. In addition, the Ancient Romans apparently used Rose Quartz as a form of seal to denote ownership.

One Greek legend is that Cupid (the Roman god of desire and affection) entrusted Earth with Rose Quartz as a gift of love, passion and happiness for everyone.

Another legend is that Ares (the Greek god of war) turned himself into a wild boar to kill Aphrodite's lover Adonis. Aphrodite then tried to save Adonis and cut herself on a briar bush. Their blood began to pool together over a Quartz crystal and stained the stone pink. Zeus took pity on Aphrodite and Adonis and restored Adonis to Aphrodite every year for six months. It is thought that this is the reason why Rose Quartz is considered to be a stone of reconciliation.

Fun facts about Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet

Rose Quartz is found in Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa, United States of America and India. This crystal rates as a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness which means it is a fairly hard stone. For comparison, a Diamond is a 10 on the Mohs scale and is considered to be the hardest of all crystals. At the other end of the scale is Amber which rates as a 2-2.5.

Rose Quartz is available in many different crystal shapes and forms ... it all depends on what is most appealing to you. Do you prefer Rose Quartz in a raw or polished form? Do you like Rose Quartz crystals carved into spheres, eggs, hearts or generators? There are no rights or wrongs ... whatever you are drawn to is perfect for you.

There are some interesting variations such as Rose Quartz seer stones (aka window quartz / ema eggs) which are located in the Ema River in Brazil. Star Rose Quartz spheres are another variety which you can see a six-rayed star reflection of light on the surface (also known as asterism).

For years it was believed that all pink coloured Quartz was one and the same. This included the rare pink coloured Quartz that formed in clusters of small crystals. However it was determined in the 1990s by mineralogists that these are two different varieties of Quartz. Therefore the common massive form of Quartz retained the name Rose Quartz, and the rarer variety that forms clusters of crystals was named Pink Quartz.

Lastly, on a practical note, Rose Quartz is a crystal that can fade in sunlight so don't keep it in the sun for too long!

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