What is Jasper? Blog

What is Jasper? Blog

There are many different varieties of Jasper, all unique and very beautiful. Today we are going to show you some of our favourites.

Jasper, an opaque stone, is a member of the Quartz family with a Mohs’ hardness of 6.5 - 7. Jasper is usually multi-coloured; it is hard to find a piece that is uniform in colour. The name Jasper originally came from the Greek word ‘spotted stone’.

In her book The Crystal Bible 1, Judy Hall describes Jasper as a ‘supreme nurturer’ and notes that it reminds people to help each other.

Jasper is great for being organised and is said to help you during times of stress. It also helps you to be honest with yourself and assists with clear and quick thinking.

About Bumble Bee Jasper (or Bumblebee)

The ‘Stone of New Opportunities’, Bumble Bee Jasper (or Bumblebee), is suitably named with its colouring and patterns resembling a bumblebee.

It is said that Bumble Bee Jasper helps you to accept changes in your life and boosts your confidence. It helps you make unemotional decisions and increases self-esteem.

Physically it is believed Bumble Bee Jasper can help with allergies, infections and issues with the nervous system.

Bumble Bee Jasper is a recent discovery found on the Indonesian island of Java. It is a rare stone that was formed where a volcano opened to the earth.

Bumble Bee Jasper is one of the stones that you need to be careful handling as the yellow colouring is due to the presence of sulphur, which is toxic. Wash your hands after use :-)

About Dalmatian Jasper (or Dalmatian Stone)

Dalmatian Jasper, also known as Dalmatian Stone, is another grounding stone and is said to encourage loyalty, harmony and fidelity within a family.

You can use Dalmatian Jasper to identify your strengths and weaknesses and at the same time it promotes positivity.

Dalmatian Jasper is regarded as an excellent stone to have around you if you work with animals, it is said to calm them if they are scared, sick or injured.

About Fancy Jasper

Fancy Jasper, known as the 'Stone of Tranquility', is a gentle stone that is said to help you relax and focus. It is also great for preventing procrastination and helping you to stay in the present moment.

Fancy Jasper is a healing stone that can also be used for grounding and protection.

About Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper, which is only found in Australia, has lovely earthly colours and is said to connect you to the Ancestor Spirits.

Mookaite is a great crystal to work with when you need to be versatile and calm, it is known to ground and protect.

One thing you’ll love about Mookaite Jasper is that it can apparently slow down the ageing process … this is done by helping you change the way you think about ageing!

About Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper, also known as 'The Atlantis Stone', was rediscovered this millennium along the shoreline of north-western Madagascar. Think of it as a little reminder of the ocean! It is a stunning crystal with lots of vibrant colours and patterns, including white, black, green, pink and red.

Ocean Jasper is said to be a 'Stone of Joy' and assists with thinking, speaking and generally being, positive. This crystal helps to bring emotions to the surface and assists with healing.

You can use Ocean Jasper for PMS, the immune system, eczema, thyroid issues and insomnia.

About Red Jasper

Red Jasper is connected to the base chakra and is said to enhance physical strength. In addition, Red Jasper is great for enhancing creativity.

Red Jasper worry stones or beads are wonderful to hold onto as they calm our emotions. And if you suffer from abandonment fears, Red Jasper can help you overcome these.

About Unakite Jasper

Unakite Jasper is associated with the heart chakra and is known as a stone of vision.

It is said that Unakite Jasper can be used for energetic healing and recovery after a major illness or injury. It can also help with getting rid of bad habits.

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What is Jasper? Blog


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