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Crystals for Each of the Chakras

We have 7 main chakras in our bodies and each chakra is associated to a particular colour, in a specific location. Our blogs What are the 7 Main Chakras and How to balance your chakras can help you learn more about the chakras.

Creating Crystal Grids

Creating Crystal Grids

Creating your first crystal grid can be a little confusing however the most important thing to remember is there is no right or wrong way to create a grid. Read our blog Creating a Crystal Grid to find out how easy they are to set up!

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Crystal Descriptions

Crystal descriptions are not intended as medical advice, or as medical prescriptions, we are not doctors :-) Crystals should be used as an energy tool to support you. And if you don't believe in the healing energy of crystals, enjoy the awesome beauty that Mother Nature has grown!

Labradorite Benefits

Crystals Rock Blogs

Our blogs will teach you how to spot fake crystals, the best crystals for Mums, plus the healing benefits of Labradorite.