What do Different Crystal Shapes Mean?

Different crystal shapes & uses

Different crystal shapes & uses

The shape of your crystal can influence the energy that it emits. This crystal meaning card explains some of the different crystal shapes, and what they mean.

Crystal shapes & what they mean

Crystal shapes & what they mean

  • Spheres emit energy in different directions around the room

  • Crystal skulls are associated with channelling information from other dimensions

  • Wands can direct energy in a certain direction, draw negative energy away from you and activate grids

  • Hearts work on healing emotions and the heart chakra

  • Eggs represent fertility, birth and new beginnings. they can be used for massage and acupressure

  • Use generators, obelisks or pyramids as the centrepiece of a crystal grid as it will amplify the grid's intention

Printable crystal shapes meaning card

Printable crystal shapes meaning card

Click here for a printable PDF version of our crystal shapes meaning card.

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