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Discover Crystals Australia

Choosing Crystals

Have you ever found yourself not being able to choose which crystal is meant for you? One of the easiest ways to help you choose is by closing your eyes and letting your intuition guide you ... Having your eyes closed helps you to connect!

Pay attention if a crystal keeps popping into your mind. You may feel butterflies when looking at it, or you may even find yourself dreaming of it. If a crystal stands out to you, almost as if it is calling you, then it is one that you may need.

Our crystal meanings guide is another way to discover crystals that might be right for you - you can read our crystal descriptions here.

Discover Crystals Australia

Australian Crystals

We feel that there is something extra special about Australian crystals ... Where possible, we prefer to source our crystals from Australian mines and we have put together a collection of crystals that have been mined right here in Australia. Discover our home-grown Aussie crystals in our Australian Crystals and Rocks collection.

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