At Crystals Rock Australia we love everything about crystals and understand the trust you put in us when buying crystals online. We buy our crystals as if we are buying for ourselves. We spend hours drooling (not literally!) over crystals and gemstones as we want to make sure we choose the best crystals that Mother Nature has to offer.

We offer several different payment methods to make life easy for you - you can choose between AfterPay, zipPay, PayPal and credit card. We also offer free postage (Australia wide) for orders over $50 however if you would like to collect your crystals directly from us, please let us know.

Where possible, we source our crystals from Australian mines and in our Australian Crystals and Rocks collection you will only find crystals that call Australia home. We believe that there is something extra special about Australian grown crystals!

In our Crystal Bookshop you will find all things paper! We have included some of our favourite books, oracle cards and journals by authors such as Ashley Leavy, Judy Hall, Cassandra Eason and Robert Simmons.

Our herbal teas are from The Mantra Blends. Each tea pack comes with its own specific tea ritual, affirmation cards (relating to the teas main focal point), and a hand picked crystal and crystal explainer card. More information on The Mantra Blends can be found on their website.

Some of our favourite pieces of jewellery are from Blue Turtles Silver & Stone. These stunning sterling silver crystal pieces are all hand crafted with love, respect and care. Feel free to let us know if there is something you love on their website as we can get it in for you.

Our Crystal H2O crystal elixir water bottles use the indirect method to create crystal elixir. This is the safest, and most recommended, way to create crystal elixir. In addition, they don’t limit you to only using the crystals that come with the bottle, nor do you have to purchase extra gem-pods which can be costly. You can simply use your own crystals!

At Crystals Rock Australia we want to make your online crystal and gemstone shopping a happy experience. Be assured that we do not photoshop our images or use filters to enhance our products. If we know a crystal has been dyed or heat treated we will add this information to the description of the piece.

Whether you are looking for unique crystal pieces to display or tumble stones to place under your pillow, grab a cuppa and enjoy looking around our crystal store. If you are looking for specific crystals, and can't find them, please let us know as we love hunting down the right pieces for you.

Now for the sensible stuff ... Crystal descriptions are not intended as medical advice, or as medical prescriptions, we are not doctors :-) Crystals should be used as an energy tool to support you. And if you don't believe in the healing energy of crystals, enjoy the awesome beauty that Mother Nature has grown!

💙 Rick and Georgie X

Crystals Rock Australia, your online crystal shop located in Australia!