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You can learn how to work with crystals and their different healing benefits with our crystal blogs, our downloadable and printable crystal guides or our crystal meanings page.

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, calming the mind and neutralising any negative energy. Amethyst can also assist with a peaceful night’s sleep and prevent nightmares (very good for children’s bedrooms!). Known as the ‘sobriety stone', it is said to help with alcoholism, compulsive behaviour and addictions. In Ancient Greek times Amethyst was used to prevent drunkenness. The Ancient Greeks believed they could drink all night if they had an Amethyst in their mouth or on their person! Amethyst clusters are extra special as they can cleanse and charge other crystals (use a crystal cluster larger than the crystal you wish to cleanse or charge).

Rose Quartz is a crystal that promotes unconditional love for our friends and family. More importantly, Rose Quartz guides us to find love for ourselves … This is a very calming and reassuring crystal which gives you a sense of peace. Find out more about Rose Quartz in our Rose Quartz blog!

There are many varieties of crystals in Australia such as Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Opals, Mookaite, Agate, Rhodonite, Thundereggs, Black Tourmaline, Chrysoprase, Stitchtite in Serpentine, Prehnite, Turquoise, Rainforest Jasper, Tiger Iron and Petrified Wood just to name a few! If you love Aussie crystals take a look at our guide to using Aussie crystals for healing, the history of Australian crystals and where to find them.

Crystal Descriptions

Crystal descriptions are not intended as medical advice, or as medical prescriptions, we are not doctors :-) Crystals should be used as an energy tool to support you. And if you don't believe in the healing energy of crystals, enjoy the awesome beauty that Mother Nature has grown!

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