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Rock Points Reward Program

Have you joined our Rock Points reward program? Rock Points are basically a way for us to give back to you. Start accruing points by signing up to our Rock Points rewards program on our website, you can then use your Rock Points to save money on your crystal purchases!

Crystal Knowledge, History & Lore Blogs

How to Learn More About Crystals

You can learn how to work with crystals and their different healing benefits with our crystal blogs, printable crystal meaning cards or our crystal meanings page.

Further information about crystals can be found on Ashley Leavy's Crystal Caution List or on our Mohs Scale of Hardness page.

Crystals Australia

Identifying and Testing Crystals

If you are unsure whether your crystals are real or not visit our blog identifying and testing crystals at home to see how you can test your crystals yourself. Putting together your own crystal test kit is really easy and you should be able to find most of these items around your home. To get a better idea of what a crystal test kit could look like, visit our Mohs scale of hardness page.

Chakra Crystals Australia

Crystals for Each of the Chakras

We have 7 main chakras in our bodies and each chakra is associated to a particular colour, in a specific location. Our blogs What are the 7 main chakras and How to balance your chakras can help you learn more about the chakras.

Crystal Descriptions

Crystal descriptions are not intended as medical advice, or as medical prescriptions, we are not doctors :-) Crystals should be used as an energy tool to support you. And if you don't believe in the healing energy of crystals, enjoy the awesome beauty that Mother Nature has grown!

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