Amber Specimen (With Insect)



You are purchasing the Amber crystal specimen (with insect), pictured.

About Amber Crystal Specimen (With Insect)

Amber is not actually classified as a crystal - it is in fact tree resin that solidified, and in turn, fossilized. Amber often contains inclusions of insects and plants from as long ago as 120 million years ago. Baltic Amber crystals are considered to be the best Amber to work with.

There is a Greek myth on how the crystal Amber was created ... Phaeton, the son of Helios who was the sun god, was tragically killed when he was struck by lightning. Phaeton's sisters were so overcome with grief that they turned into poplar trees and the tears that they shed turned into drops of Amber!

Metaphysically Amber is said to absorb any energy that is negative. Amber can also help energetically with depression and stress.

Amber crystal beads are said to help ease the pain of teething babies however always ensure that the necklace or bracelet does not become a choking hazard.