Ametrine Tumbles



Colours and markings vary between crystals. This is for 1 Ametrine crystal tumble, which will be chosen for you.

About Ametrine Crystal Tumbles

Ametrine is a wonderful combination of the crystals Amethyst and Citrine, it is another member of the Quartz family. Other names for Ametrine include Bolivianite and Trystine. The best Ametrine comes from Bolivia.

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, calming the mind and neutralising any negative energy. Amethyst can also assist with a peaceful night’s sleep and prevent nightmares (very good for children’s bedrooms!). Known as the ‘sobriety stone', it is said to help with alcoholism, compulsive behaviour and addictions. In Ancient Greek times amethyst was used to prevent drunkenness. The Ancient Greeks believed they could drink all night if they had an amethyst crystal in their mouth or on their person!

Citrine is rare and quite expensive to buy in its natural state. Most Citrine on the market is heat-treated Citrine due to natural Citrine being hard to source. Natural Citrine is usually of a honey/lemon/white wine colour throughout – heat-treated Citrine is a burnt orange colour. Heat-treated Citrine grows in a geode, natural Citrine does not. Citrine attracts prosperity, happiness, wealth and abundance. Use Citrine to manifest dreams and success. Citrine is a great crystal to have on you if you find it difficult to express your thoughts and feelings.

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