Black Tourmaline Sphere



Colours and markings vary between crystals. You are purchasing the Black Tourmaline crystal sphere, pictured.

About Black Tourmaline Crystal Sphere

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, in its raw state is very easy to distinguish as it has rough creases and grooves. As a tumbled crystal however, it almost looks like all the other black crystals except for one difference, it will still have grooves visible as it doesn’t polish up perfectly smooth.

Black Tourmaline crystals can be found in numerous parts of the world however Brazil is renown for having amazing supplies of Tourmaline. Other countries that are noted for their Tourmaline are Nepal, for small double-terminated crystals, Africa, Pakistan and the United States.

There is an Ancient Egyptian legend of how Tourmaline crystal came to have so many colours. It is said that as Tourmaline travelled from the core of the Earth it encountered a rainbow, and as it passed it got hold of the rainbow’s beautiful colours.

One of the first known discoveries of Black Tourmaline was in the village of Schorl (now known as Zschorlau) in Germany. It was here that they discovered what they called Schorl in a tin mine.

Tourmaline crystal is known for becoming electrically charged when heated or rubbed. It then attracts dust, ash and other small particles. ‘Aschentrekker’ is what the Dutch called Tourmaline in the 1700s, which translates to ‘ash remover’, they used ‘aschentrekker’ to pull ash out of their pipes.

It has also been recorded that ancient magicians used Schorl to protect them whilst casting spells.

Black Tourmaline crystal protects against negative energies and disperses stress and tension. It is a powerful, protective crystal and is great at removing your own negative thoughts, self-judgement and anger. It can also be used for grounding.

Black Tourmaline is excellent to place near computers and telephones to dissolve electromagnetic energy.

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