Blue Lace Agate & Karen Hill Tribe Silver Pendant (Spirited Jewellery)

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You are purchasing the Blue Lace Agate and Karen Hill Tribe Silver Pendant, pictured. This gorgeous piece has been handcrafted by Kylie of Spirited Jewellery in the Hunter Valley of NSW (approx 6.5cm long).

These amazing silver beads and findings are made by hand by the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand. They are pure silver meaning they are 99.9% silver as opposed to sterling silver which is 92.5% silver. They are handcrafted, rolled and hammered using traditional silversmithing techniques. They use stamps and hammers and as each one is made by hand, each bead will vary slightly in shape and size. We are proud to be supporting their beautiful work.

Blue Lace Agate & Karen Hill Tribe Silver Pendant

Crystal pendants are the perfect way to keep your crystals close to you. Not only do they look great, you get to carry your favourite crystal's energy with you all day.

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