Chakra Crystal Disc Set

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This is for 1 chakra crystal disc set, which will be intuitively chosen for you. Each disc has the relevant chakra symbol on it and measures approx 2.7cm x 2.2cm. Please note some discs make have cracks or crevices in them.

About Chakra Crystal Disc Sets

This set is great for anyone who feels their chakras are needing a bit of a tune up ...  they are perfect for chakra layouts due to their flat shape - they won't roll off mid-session like some tumbles can do! The crystals include:

♥️ Red Jasper - Base

🧡 Carnelian - Sacral

💛 Yellow Aventurine - Solar Plexus

💚 Green Aventurine - Heart

💙 Lapis Lazuli - Throat

💜 Amethyst - Third Eye

🤍 Clear Quartz - Crown

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