Chakra Crystal Mala (Hand Knotted Mala With 108 Beads Plus Guru)



This is for the hand knotted chakra crystal mala, pictured. This mala has 107 8mm beads, a Rose Quartz heart as the 108th bead, plus the Clear Quartz drop pendant as the guru.

About Chakra Crystal Malas

Malas, a string of 108 beads plus a head bead or ‘guru’ bead, are a traditional tool to use whilst meditating to help the mind focus and count mantras.

Our chakra malas have been hand knotted by Georgie whilst listening to chakra and crystal meditations (this link takes you to our Spotify playlist - you can download Spotify for free). These malas have 108 crystal beads and a Clear Quartz drop pendant as the guru. Each knot has been made with the intention of aligning the chakras.

The crystals in these chakra malas are:

1st chakra - base: Poppy Jasper (Brecciated Jasper)

2nd chakra - sacral: Carnelian

3rd chakra – solar plexus: Honey Calcite

4th chakra - heart: Rose Quartz

5th chakra - throat: Blue Amazonite

6th chakra – third eye: Lapis Lazuli

7th chakra - crown: Banded Amethyst

Amplified with: Clear Quartz