Citrine Elestial - Natural #7



Colours and markings vary between crystals. This is for the natural Elestial Citrine crystal, pictured.

Elestial crystals have a 'skeletal structure', mainly comprised of triangular, geometric patterns on their surface. You will find these high vibrational crystals in different varieties of Quartz crystals.

About Natural Elestial Citrine Crystals

Citrine crystals are rare and are quite expensive to buy in their natural state. Most Citrine crystals on the market are heat-treated Citrine due to natural Citrine being hard to source. Natural Citrine is usually of a honey/lemon/white wine colour throughout – heat-treated Citrine is a burnt orange colour. Heat-treated Citrine grows in a geode, natural Citrine does not. Read our blog on our website to find out more ... Citrine crystals attract prosperity, happiness, wealth and abundance. Use Citrine crystals to manifest dreams and success. Citrine is a great crystal to have on you if you find it difficult to express your thoughts and feelings. Citrine never needs cleansing.

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