Crystal Advent Calendar

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Get in quick as they're limited in number!

Deluxe Crystal Advent Calendar - 24 Days

Our deluxe crystal advent calendar contains 24 beautiful crystal gifts suitable for anyone that loves crystals and surprises. Each calendar will be slightly different and will contain a mix of crystal tumbles, raw pieces, polished shapes, mini crystal candles and crystal jewellery.

Children's Crystal Advent Calendar - 24 Days

Our children’s advent calendar contains 24 different crystal tumbles suitable for the little people in our lives - each calendar will vary slightly.

Free Christmas Day Gift

There will also be a little extra gift as a thank you from us to open on Christmas Day, or sooner if you can't wait for the 25th!

Wrapping & Posting

The crystals will be presented in a gift box, individually wrapped and numbered. We’re keeping it nice and simple to ensure you’re only paying for crystals and not packaging.

Calendars are for pre-order only and will be sent out the last week of October. They will be sent registered post - postage is on us, Australia wide.

Nature's Beauty

When we intuitively select your crystals, you are allowing us to send the one we feel is right for you. Your crystal will be unique and individual … it may have tiny cracks, crevices, fractures, rainbows, patterns or varying shades of colour - they’re all gifts from Mother Nature!

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