Crystal H2O Elixir Water Bottle

Crystal: Love (Rose Quartz)
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You are purchasing 1 Crystal H2O Elixir Water Bottle by Crystals Rock Australia. The Crystal H2O bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. Each bottle has a 450ml water chamber and a 100ml crystal chamber.

Click here to learn more about gem water, also known as crystal infused water or crystal elixir.

About Crystal H2O Crystal Elixir Water Bottle by Crystals Rock Australia

The Crystal H2O bottle comes with everything you need:

  • 1 Crystal H2O glass bottle
  • 1 neoprene sleeve to protect the bottle
  • 1 set of crystals in either:
    • Calm (Amethyst)
    • Immune (Lapis Lazuli)
    • Love (Rose Quartz)
  • 1 cylinder gift box

Crystal elixirs can be made in two ways:

  1. The direct method, which involves placing crystals directly into the drinking water being treated (be wary of this)
  2. The indirect method, which involves placing crystals in close proximity to the drinking water, but not directly touching it (eg our Crystal H2O bottle). The vibration and energy of your crystals will pass through the glass and into the water. This wouldn’t work if you used plastic, however glass is able to conduct the energy

Why do we prefer crystal water bottles using the indirect method of infusing crystals over the direct method?

Safety: Crystals are often coated in chemicals, sometimes chemicals are used to remove the surrounding rock/particles from the crystal. Chemicals may also be used when crystals are being tumbled. Raw crystals harbour all sorts of bacteria - they have been in the ground and as they are usually rough, not smooth like a tumbled stone, you can never be sure what is hidden in the cracks and grooves. This is not something that you want to come into contact with your drinking water! The indirect method of infusing your crystals, where crystals do not come into contact with your water, is by far the safest, and most recommended way, to do this.

Ability to use your own crystals: Being able to use your own crystals, instead of having to buy separate gem pods, is a no brainer for us. Having to purchase extra gem pods each time you want to infuse a different type of crystal would be extremely expensive. If you want to mix and change the crystals you use in your crystal water bottle, simply use your own crystals or check out our range of tumble stones we have in stock.

Use ANY crystals, not just the non-toxic ones - stones don't touch the water in the Crystal H2O bottle, so you're always safe! Exception to this: We probably don’t have to say it but just in case ... Please don’t use radioactive crystals - you don’t want to be drinking radioactive water! Do your research – if in doubt do not use the crystals. Always refer to the website to check the chemical component of your crystals – it’s best to make sure they aren’t toxic!

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