Crystal Healing Candle: Blissful Sleep (Amethyst + Lavender & Vanilla)

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Our crystal candles have been intuitively designed to support you on your crystal healing journey. The crystals were carefully selected (and supplied by us) based on their healing properties and matched with a yummy scent. InStyled then lovingly hand poured the candles for us - the end result is a beautiful candle with amazing energy!

50 hours burn time - 300g of wax

Blissful Sleep Crystal Healing Candle

Amethyst + Lavender & Vanilla

This handmade crystal candle combines the delicious scent of lavender and vanilla with Amethyst & Clear Quartz crystals. Clear Quartz crystals are considered to be a master healer and will amplify the energies of all other crystals. Amethyst crystals are said to:

  • Assist with a peaceful night's sleep
  • Help sufferers of insomnia relax so they can fall asleep
  • Relieve stress and feelings of frustration
  • Calm an overactive mind (and the unwanted mind chatter)
  • Enhance meditation and spiritual awareness
  • Strengthen your intuition

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