Crystal Kits for Christmas: Sacred Geometry Gift Pack

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This is for the sacred geometry gift pack pictured which is perfect for anyone that loves creating crystal grids or using crystals for healing.

This pack includes the following:

  • Amethyst Sacred Geometry Set (the Merkaba points are slightly damaged RRP was $49) - $40
  • The Book of Crystal Grids by Philip Permutt - $38
  • 3 x Amethyst & 12 x Citrine (heated) grid points - $33
  • Palo Santo stick (ethically sourced) - $4

Amethyst Sacred Geometry Set

This sacred geometry set includes the 5 Platonic Solids plus the Merkaba & Sphere.

  1. Tetrahedron / triangle 
  2. Hexahedron / cube
  3. Octahedron
  4. Icosahedron
  5. Dodecahedron
  6. Merkaba (interlocking triangles)
  7. Sphere

The Book of Crystal Grids by Philip Permutt

The Book of Crystal Grids by Philip Permutt teaches you everything you need to know to start creating your own crystal grids. Philip Permutt has included 50 grid 'prescriptions' with easy to follow instructions and lists which crystals to use for each 'prescription'. There is a crystal index section which explains the different properties of each crystal. Plus, in the back of the book, you will find grid patterns that you can photocopy or trace onto paper.

Amethyst & Heat Treated Citrine Grid Points

These grid points are great to use in crystal grids or for crystal healing layouts. Amethyst is a natural stress reliever, calming the mind and neutralising any negative energy. Amethyst can also assist with a peaceful night’s sleep and prevent nightmares (very good for children’s bedrooms!). Citrine attracts prosperity, happiness, wealth and abundance - use Citrine to manifest dreams and success. Citrine is also a great crystal to have on you if you find it difficult to express your thoughts and feelings. 

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