Crystal Kits for Christmas: Sending Love Gift Pack

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This is for the Christmas gift pack pictured, which is perfect for someone special you love!

This pack includes the following:

  • Rhodonite sphere from Peru, includes sphere ring (approx 5cm) - $41
  • Rhodonite crystal bead bracelet (8mm beads) - $20
  • Handmade Rose Quartz crystal coaster from Brazil - $35
  • Rose Quartz palm stone - $21

Rhodonite Crystals

Rhodonite is another one of the love crystals, in particular love for yourself and being able to forgive. Rhodonite crystals also help with self-reflection and self-worth issues. Rhodonite is an excellent crystal to use during meditation as it nurtures love. Physically, Rhodonite crystals are said to help with detoxing and weight loss.

Rose Quartz Crystals

Known as the ‘stone of love’, Rose Quartz crystals can help you find love of all kinds, love for yourself, love for your family and love for your friends. Rose Quartz is a very calming and reassuring crystal, giving you a sense of peace and unconditional love. Feng Shui practitioners believe placing a piece of Rose Quartz crystal by your bed, or in the relationship corner of your house, draws love towards you.

Handmade Crystal Coaster

These are great to use as drink coasters in your home ... You can also use them to charge water as the vibration and energy of your crystals will pass through into the liquid if you use a glass cup or mug.

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