Crystals for Healing - Aussie Essentials Kit

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The crystals in this crystal healing kit will be intuitively handpicked for you. Your crystals will be unique and individual … they may have tiny cracks, crevices, fractures, rainbows, patterns or varying shades of colour.

To learn more about Australian crystals read our blog The History of Crystals: Australian Rocks.

Crystals for Healing - Aussie Essentials Kit with Australian Crystals

This crystal kit contains 1 each of the following crystals and a pouch to store your crystals in:

Agate from Agate Creek in Queensland: Agate is a crystal that grounds and balances on an emotional, physical and intellectual level.

Mookaite from Mooka Creek in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia: Mookaite is a great crystal to work with when you need to be versatile and calm, this crystal is known to ground and protect.

Chrysoprase from Queensland: Chrysoprase is a great crystal to use for optimism and compassion, plus positive thinking towards others.

Tiger Iron from the Pilbara area of Western Australia: Tiger Iron is extremely grounding and has the energetic properties of strength, stamina and endurance. If you need physical energy, then Tiger Iron is a crystal to work with.

Peanut Wood from Western Australia: Peanut Wood is actually a variety of Petrified Wood which was most likely formed from a conifer tree. Peanut wood is excellent for grounding and helps you to worry less.

Please note:

  • Characteristics/size of the crystals may vary, plus they may have cracks and crevices in them.
  • The pouch may vary from what is shown.

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