Crystals for Healing - Crystal Essentials Kit

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The crystals in this kit are hand cut and/or high grade tumbles and they will be intuitively handpicked for you. Your crystals will be unique and individual … they may have tiny cracks, crevices, fractures, rainbows, patterns or varying shades of colour.

Crystals for Healing - Crystal Essentials Kit

This crystal kit contains 1 each of the following tumbles and a pouch to store your crystals in:

Amazonite (hand cut and/or high grade): An extremely soothing crystal, Amazonite has the ability to alleviate stress, anxiety and fears. Amazonite can calm your emotions, plus ease any tension that you may be experiencing.

Black Obsidian (hand cut and/or high grade): This crystal grounds the soul and magnifies negative energy so that it can be addressed. It can also increase self-control and provide support during any change. Use Black Obsidian to protect you against environmental pollution.

    Green Aventurine (hand cut and/or high grade): If you are looking for some good luck, Green Aventurine is known as the 'Good Luck Stone' and is perfect for manifesting prosperity.

    Lepidolite (hand cut and/or high grade): This is one of the best go-to crystals for easing anxiety, stress and panic attacks as Lepidolite contains Lithium which is found in many anti-anxiety medications.

    Sodalite (hand cut and/or high grade): A great crystal for the mind, Sodalite is soothing, calming and clears mental confusion. This crystal enhances self-esteem, trust in yourself and heals self-worth issues. It is also useful to combat insomnia.

    Apache Tears (hand cut and/or high grade): These crystals are said to absorb negative energy and are known as a crystal for grief. It is said that Apache Tears will become darker in colour as grief is absorbed.

    Please note:

    • Characteristics/size of the tumbles may vary, plus they may have cracks and crevices in them.
    • The pouch may vary from what is shown.

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