Crystals for Healing - Energy Clearing Starter Kit

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The items in our Energy Clearing Starter Kit will be intuitively handpicked for you. Please note the characteristics of the crystals may vary.

Crystals for Healing - Energy Clearing Starter Kit

This crystal healing kit contains 1 each of the following:

Abalone shell (Australian): Abalone shells make great decorative pieces around your home, plus they can be used to catch the ash from your smudge stick (approx 8.5cm-9cm).

Satin Spar log: Simply place your crystals or jewellery on the piece of Satin Spar to cleanse them for the next day (approx 7cm x 1.5cm).

Ethical White Sage smudge mini torch + natural, fair trade & sustainable Nitiraj Platinum Natural White Sage Incense: Both of these products can be used to clear negative energy from your home. Start by opening the windows in your home so that negative, or unwanted, energy is able to leave. Next light the sage, then carefully blow it out and allow the smoke to cleanse the space as you go around each room of your home. Take care to not drop ash or embers on the floor by catching them in your Abalone shell (sage stick approx 8cms in length & incense pack 25 grams).

Click here to find out more about our White Sage smudge sticks and our Nitiraj Platinum Natural White Sage Incense.

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