Crystals for Healing - Enhancing Intuition & Psychic Abilities Kit

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The crystals in this crystal healing kit will be intuitively handpicked for you. Your crystals will be unique and individual … they may have tiny cracks, crevices, fractures, rainbows, patterns or varying shades of colour.

Crystals for Healing - Enhancing Intuition & Psychic Abilities Kit

This crystal kit contains 1 each of the following tumbles and a pouch to store your crystals in:

Ametrine: This is one of our go-to crystals to use to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. It can also be used for astral travel. Try meditating with Ametrine to enhance these abilities.

      Labradorite: Known as a 'stone of transformation', Labradorite is a great crystal to work with to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, help you to connect with your spirit guides, plus strengthen and protect the aura.

      Angelite: Considered to be a very spiritual crystal, Angelite can connect you with ‘higher powers’ and tune into your psychic abilities. It is also said to enhance communication with your angels and guides.

      Dumortierite: Related to the third eye chakra, Dumortierite is a very calming crystal which helps you to connect with your angels and spirit guides, plus tap into your intuition. It is also known to give you a boost of courage and self-confidence.

      Black Obsidian: This is a very powerful crystal, it grounds the soul and can be used for psychic protection. As Black Obsidian soaks up so much negative energy you need to cleanse the crystal after each use.

      Please note:

      • Characteristics/size of the tumbles may vary, plus they may have cracks and crevices in them.
      • The pouch may vary from what is shown.

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