Crystals for Healing - Manifestation Crystal Kit

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The crystals in this crystal healing kit will be intuitively handpicked for you. Your crystals will be unique and individual … they may have tiny cracks, crevices, fractures, rainbows, patterns or varying shades of colour.

Crystals for Healing - Manifestation Crystal Kit

This crystal kit contains 1 each of the following tumbles and a pouch to store your crystals in:

Green Aventurine: If you are looking for some good luck, Green Aventurine is known as the 'Good Luck Stone' as well as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’ – it’s a fantastic crystal for manifestation. Green Aventurine is traditionally known for attracting prosperity and wealth, however it also works with the heart chakra so can be used to manifest love into your life. This is a crystal for optimism and confidence, it can help you to embrace change and attract new opportunities.

Citrine (heat treated): Known as the ‘Merchant's Stone', this is a happy crystal and a favourite of many for its positive vibes ... Citrine can be used to manifest dreams and success, as well as attract prosperity, wealth and abundance. This is the perfect crystal to work with when creating the life you've been wishing for as it transforms negative energy into positive energy.

Black Obsidian: One of the most important elements of manifestation work is thinking positively - negative thoughts attracts more negativity. Black Obsidian is very powerful, it grounds the soul and magnifies any negative energy so that it can be addressed and let go. It can also increase self-control and provide support during any change.

Rose Quartz: The most popular crystal for attracting love into your life is Rose Quartz, the ‘Stone of Unconditional Love’. This can be for loving relationships with family and friends, or more importantly, love for yourself. Rose Quartz is a peaceful, reassuring stone that nurtures compassion and patience, together with self-appreciation.

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is an important crystal to use for manifestation as it will amplify your intentions and the energy of the other crystals.

Carnelian: Carnelian is known as the ‘Motivation Stone’ and is a crystal for courage and overcoming fear when taking the next steps. This crystal fosters independence, confidence, creativity, optimism and positive thinking. It boosts energy and ambition. If you are a procrastinator, Carnelian will help you make decisions.

Satin Spar: This is a protective crystal that can be used to cleanse other crystals. Pop your crystals on the Satin Spar to cleanse them of negative energy.

Please note:

  • Characteristics/size of the tumbles may vary, plus they may have cracks and crevices in them.
  • The pouch may vary from what is shown.

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