Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart (Approx 4.7cm Wide #2)

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This is for the Golden Sheen Obsidian crystal heart, pictured.

About Golden Sheen Obsidian Crystal Hearts

Golden Sheen Obsidian crystals get their 'sheen' appearance from left over gas bubbles from flowing Lava. Golden Sheen Obsidian crystals are said to help with patience and can balance energy fields. This crystal is a protector, providing a feeling of safety and compassion.

In 'Crystals for Energy Healing', Ashley Leavy shares a Mexican legend about Golden Sheen Obsidian where "a woman named Xochitzol, meaning "flower of the sun", who was separated from her love when he was sent off to war. She vowed to wait for him until his return. When much time had passed, Xochitzol realised that her mate was not going to return, so she began to cry. The gods, feeling pity for her, turned her tears to Golden Obsidian."

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