Hamper: The Finding Love Crystal Hamper



Colours and markings vary between crystals. The crystals in these hampers will be chosen for you.

About The Finding Love Crystal Hamper

Our crystal hamper contains one each of:

  • Crystals for Finding Love Kit
  • Crystal H2O Elixir Water Bottle (to use with your crystal kit)
  • Amethyst cluster
  • Raw Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst bracelet
  • Presented in a reusable basket

About Crystals for Finding Love Kit

This crystal kit contains 1 each of the following tumbles and a pouch to store your crystals in:

Rose Quartz: A crystal of unconditional love. Before you set out to find a new love, there is one person that needs to be loved first, yourself. Rose Quartz nurtures self-love, self-appreciation and self-compassion. It also heals past hurts, leaving you free to find a new love.

Malachite: A transformational and protective crystal to find the ideal partner. Malachite balances and amplifies the energy of the heart chakra, boosts self-confidence and courage to be yourself.

Chrysoprase: A crystal for the heart. The calm, supportive energy of Chrysoprase brings trust, optimism and compassion to a relationship. Chrysoprase also assists with positive thinking towards others.

Lapis Lazuli: A crystal for loving communication. One of the key ingredients for a successful relationship is communication. Lapis Lazuli helps to bring honest and loving communication to a relationship whilst also encouraging compromise and harmony.

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