Inca Calcite Free Form (Mexico) (Approx 1209g)

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This is for the Inca Calcite crystal, pictured.

About Inca Calcite Crystals (Aztec Calcite and Rainbow Calcite)

Inca Calcite (also known as Aztec Calcite and Rainbow Calcite) is an extra special form of Calcite that displays layers of orange, green, red or clear colours. Generally, Calcite is known to be a calming crystal that is great to work with if you are stressed, need to relax or calm your mind. Inca Calcite has several metaphysical properties due to the variations of colour:

  • Orange Calcite can be used to overcome depression and alleviate fears. Orange Calcite is also useful for anyone that suffers from shyness.
  • Green Calcite helps to restore balance emotionally and mentally. This crystal works with the heart chakra and is said to help turn feelings of anger into forgiveness.
  • Red Calcite increases energy within the physical body. This crystal is also said to boost your confidence, ease fears plus strengthen your willpower.
  • Clear Calcite is described by Judy Hall in 'The Crystal Bible' as a "cure-all" and a "powerful detoxifier" which "aligns all the chakras".

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