Crystal Kits for Christmas: Kids Crystal Fun Pack #1

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This is for the Christmas gift pack pictured, which is perfect for Santa to put underneath the Christmas tree!

This pack includes the following:

  • Lava skull (approx 5cm x 3.7cm) - $38
  • Pair of Rainbow Hematite magnetic buzz stones - $20
  • Black Obsidian elephant (approx 6cm long) - $33

Lava Crystal Skull

Use Lava for balancing and grounding as this is a very strong earth crystal. Keep this crystal near to you when you need protecting. Lava crystal is also used as a diffuser for essential oils.

Rainbow Hematite Magnetic Buzz Stones

Kids just love these! As well as the great colour and texture, they also have very strong magnetic properties. Hematite is a great crystal for grounding and balancing the mind and body. It is a very strong and protective crystal, especially for women who are unable to stand up for themselves. Physically, Hematite crystals can help with leg cramps and blood ailments. These magnets are not suitable for very little children.

Black Obsidian Crystal Elephant

Our crystal animal carvings are one of our most popular items for children. They are also perfect for anyone wanting to work with their animal spirit guides!

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