Mookaite Jasper Pebble (Australian) (12cm x 11cm)

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This is for the Australian Mookaite Jasper crystal pebble, pictured. Mookaite Jasper is mined at Mooka Creek, which is in the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia.

To learn more about Australian crystals read our blog The History of Crystals: Australian Rocks.

About Australian Mookaite Jasper Crystals

The crystal Mookaite Jasper, which is only found in Australia, has lovely earthly colours and is said to connect you to the Ancestor Spirits.

Mookaite is a great crystal to work with when you need to be versatile and calm, this crystal is known to ground and protect.

One thing you’ll love about the crystal Mookaite Jasper is that it can apparently slow down the ageing process … this is done by helping you change the way you think about ageing!

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