Moss Agate Hearts (Small)



Colours and markings vary between crystals. This is for 1 Moss Agate crystal heart, which will be chosen for you.

About Moss Agate Crystal Hearts

Moss Agate crystals are strongly connected to nature, if you shine a light through Moss Agate you will see what appears to be tiny little gardens within the crystal.

Moss Agate is known as the 'gardeners' crystal, it is beneficial to gardeners as well as to plants. If you want to help your plants grow and be healthy, place or bury Moss Agate crystals next to them.

Moss Agate is also said to be a crystal for wealth and will attract abundance.

On a personal level Moss Agate crystals can benefit almost everyone, it is great for recovering after an illness, great for calming mood swings and will help you if you feel ungrounded.