Ocean Jasper Slice (Half Polished / Half Raw) (Approx 5.8cm Long) (Madagascar)

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This is for the Ocean Jasper crystal slice, pictured (half polished / half raw).

About Ocean Jasper Crystals

Ocean Jasper, also known as 'The Atlantis Stone', was discovered along the shoreline of north-western Madagascar. This little reminder of the ocean is a stunning crystal with lots of vibrant colours and patterns, including white, black, green, pink and red.

The original source of this crystal was found in 1999 in Madagascar and was given the name Ocean Jasper as it could only be mined when it was low tide. Unfortunatley this source of Ocean Jasper was mined out by 2006, and although newer deposits have been found, they do not have the same orbicular patterns. Ocean Jasper from the original source is often referred to as 'old stock'.

Metaphysically, Ocean Jasper is said to be a 'Stone of Joy' and assists with thinking, speaking and generally being, positive. This crystal helps to bring emotions to the surface and assists with healing. You can also use Ocean Jasper for PMS, the immune system, eczema, thyroid issues and insomnia.

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