Petrified Wood Tumbles (High Grade) (Approx 2cm)

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This is for 1 Petrified Wood crystal tumble, which will be intuitively chosen for you. These tumbles have cracks and crevices in them.

Petrified Wood Crystal Tumbles

Petrified Wood is crystallised wood that once was a living tree, it is therefore excellent for grounding. This crystal helps you to let go of emotional patterns that no longer serve you and also helps you to worry less. If you have OCD Petrified Wood is a crystal for you.

Peanut Wood is actually a variety of Petrified Wood which was most likely formed from a conifer tree. Opalised Wood is another a type of Petrified Wood that has formed with Opal, instead of the minerals that you would find in Petrified Wood. All three are great to use for grounding.

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