Picture Jasper Pebble #2 - Clearance - Was $136 Now $68 (Imperfect - Marked)



You are purchasing the Picture Jasper Crystal Pebble, pictured.

About Picture Jasper Crystal Pebble

Picture Jasper crystals are strongly affiliated with the earth, therefore they make great grounding and balancing crystals. In the Crystal Bible 1 Judy Hall describes Picture Jasper as 'the Earth Mother speaking to her children. It contains a message from the past within its pictures for those who can read it."

About Jasper Crystals

The name Jasper originally came from the Greek word ‘spotted stone’.

Jasper is known as a nurturing crystal, and is said to help you during times of stress. This crystal also helps you to be honest with yourself and assists you with clear and quick thinking.

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