Pink Tourmaline in Lepidolite Ema Egg (Madagascar)



Colours and markings vary between crystals. This is for 1 Pink Tourmaline in Lepidolite crystal ema egg, which will be chosen for you (size approx 3cm).

About Pink Tourmaline in Lepidolite Crystal Ema Egg

Lepidolite crystal is useful for anyone with obsessive thoughts (eg OCD) and depression. Lepidolite is also a great crystal to reduce stress and anxiety. If you are a perfectionist, Lepidolite crystal can assist you in letting go. Lepidolite can relieve allergies too!

Pink Tourmaline is a crystal of the heart, a crystal of passion and love. It is said Pink Tourmaline will heal your heart and inspire you to be open to love and to let old emotional wounds be healed. Pink Tourmaline crystals can help you realise that you have to love yourself before you can be loved by others.

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