Satin Spar Sticks (Selenite)

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This is for 1 Satin Spar crystal stick, which will be intuitively chosen for you. Each stick is approx 5cm Long x 1cm wide.

Satin Spar / Selenite Crystals

Satin Spar can cleanse other crystals - simply place your crystal tumbles or crystal jewellery on a piece of Satin Spar (that is larger than your crystal to be cleansed) to cleanse them for the next day. Satin Spar crystals can also be used to form protective grids around the home by placing pieces of Satin Spar in the corners of your house. Keep Satin Spar away from water/moisture, as it will dissolve when wet.

Please note that Selenite crystals are often mislabeled and it is actually Satin Spar that you are buying. The two are closely related however they are slightly different ... Genuine Selenite is clear and transparent, whilst Satin Spar is more fibrous and has a ‘cat eye’ look to it. Plus genuine Selenite is more rare and therefore expensive.

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