Shungite Donut

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This is for 1 Shungite crystal donut, which will be intuitively chosen for you.

About Shungite Crystals

Shungite is only found in a region of Russia called Karelia. Known as an earth stone, if you are feeling ungrounded this is a great crystal to grab. Shungite will assist you with letting 'things' go - fears and guilt be gone!

Shungite is a purifier, it removes negativity and helps you be true to yourself and others. In Judy Hall's 'The Crystal Bible 3' she states "It has been suggested that an enormous meteorite hit the earth and created the crater in which Lake Onega later formed. It is postulated that micro-organisms were swimming in a soupy-sea and that the seabed formed the Shungite deposit. What is known is that although the lake is highly polluted, the water that pours from it has been purified by the Shungite bed."

Shungite is excellent to place near computers and telephones to dissolve electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

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