Singing Bowl from Nepal for Meditation: Gulpa Round Antique Dotted Symbol 1000g

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This is for 1 singing bowl from Nepal, which will be intuitively chosen for you.

About Singing Bowls from Nepal for Meditation

Relief stress, sleep better and meditate using these therapeutic grade singing bowls hand crafted in Nepal.

This cast Gulpa Singbowl is great for meditation, stress relief and helping you sleep better. It can be used to calm children and help them stay focused and retain information for their studies. All of these bowls are first made in a cast mould, then they are hammered to give in a hand beaten look. The buddha symbol adds a beautiful element of contemplation to the design.

Diameter: 15 cm as measured at the widest part of the bowl

Total Weight: 1000g

Made in: Nepal

Comes with: Singing bowl, striking mallet, colourful handmade cushion

      Important notes: Every bowl is individually made so the weight, size and colour will vary slightly. This will also result in the sound of each bowl to be different. Slight imperfections like scratches, dents and finger marks are result of the hand making process.

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