Stitchtite in Serpentine Koala Carving (Atlantisite®)



Colours and markings vary between crystals. This is for the Stitchtite in Serpentine Koala Crystal Carving (Atlantisite®), pictured. Atlantisite® is mined in Tasmania.

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About Australian Stitchtite in Serpentine Koala Crystal Carving (Atlantisite®)

Stichtite is a very pretty crystal with pink to purple colours. Serpentine is a bright lime green to a dull olive green crystal. Together, these two precious crystals were given the registered trademark name of Atlantisite®, which can only be found at Stichtite Hill in Tasmania.

Atlantisite is a very tranquil crystal. If you are stressed you can use Atlantisite to help you calm down. Atlantisite also helps you to think before you speak – which can be particularly useful if you are stressed!

Physically, it is said that the crystal Atlantisite can assist energetically with diabetes and blood disorders.

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