Thunderegg from Agate Creek (Australian) #3



Colours and markings vary between crystals. This is for the Australian Thunderegg crystal from Agate Creek, pictured.

To learn more about Australian crystals read our blog The History of Crystals: Australian Rocks.

About Australian Thunderegg (also known as Amulet Stone, Mount Hay Agate and Star Agate)

Depending on where you live in the world, you will find Thundereggs being called several different names such as Thunderegg, Amulet Stone, Mount Hay Agate and Star Agate.

Historically, it is said that the Native American Indians thought that Thundereggs fell out of the sky during thunderstorms, and this is how these crystals came to be called a ‘Thunderegg’.

Metaphysically, Thundereggs are said to protect the holder from negative energy and relieve anxiety and fear. They can also be used for good luck. Physically it is said that you can use Thundereggs to help you overcome jet lag!

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