Tree Agate Tumbles



Colours and markings vary between crystals, this is for 1 Tree Agate crystal tumble which will be chosen for you.

About Tree Agate Crystal Tumbles

Tree Agate crystals are great to use with plants and trees to help them grow! Bury some Tree Agate tumbles when you are planting your trees and plants, or you could build a crystal grid around your trees and plants that need a bit of extra love and support.

You can also use Tree Agate crystals to connect yourself to nature. Tree Agate will help you feel safe and will protect you from negative energy.

About Agate Crystal Tumbles

Agate is a banded Chalcedony which is a member of the Quartz crystal family. 

Agate is a crystal that grounds and balances on an emotional, physical and intellectual level. This crystal is soothing, calming, slow and steady however has much strength.

Agate crystals will help you overcome anger and encourage love to grow in its place. If you have suffered any emotional trauma Agate crystals will help you feel safe and secure.

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