Turquoise Smoothstone (Australian)

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This is for the natural Australian Turquoise crystal smoothstone, pictured (approx 4cm x 5cm).

If you'd like to find out more about Australian crystals take a look at some of our blogs where we cover topics such as Where to Find Australian Crystals and Stones or Crystal Healing with Australian Crystals or The History of Australian Crystals and Rocks.

Natural Australian Turquoise Crystal Smoothstone

Turquoise crystals can range in colour - they can appear blue to green and often contain a brown matrix. Blue Turquoise gets its colour from containing Copper and green Turquoise gets its colour from containing iron.

Unfortunately Turquoise is becoming very rare and often the crystals Howlite and Magnesite are dyed to resemble Turquoise. These crystals sometimes have misleading names such as Turquenite.

Metaphysically, Turquoise is a crystal that can be used for protection and will remove negative energy from your environment. Turquoise has a calming affect and can assist energetically with anxiety and depression. This crystal can be used for the Throat Chakra and help with communicating clearly.

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